Obtane & Giorgio Gigli - Contextualised in Monochrome

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  • Giorgio Gigli and Obtane's prodigious work rates of late may result in a few of their releases getting lost amid the noise, but the third release for Zooloft is pure signal. The duo emerged from the cockles of trance-y techno outfit Elettronica Romana, a label that Gigli once released on, but together their sound is darker and more influenced by something like Adam X's Sonic Groove, a label that recently released an EP from Obtane. You can hear how the two complement each other easily in "The Different Perception of Silence," Gigli providing the rolling warmth, and Obtane making sure that everything stays gray and black. Forward Strategy Group's Smear predictably takes things even further in an industrialized direction. "Different Perception" still rolls, but it now has serrated edges, digging deep into the ground rather than gliding smoothly in the sky. Perhaps most interesting, though, is the break, which pushes the harrowing riff to the side. It's not exactly the smoothest ride, but it's one that listeners will no doubt remember. Rounding things off is the drone that underpins "The Different Perception." As a vinyl-only release, it's unclear what use it'll have for DJs outside of set beginnings and set endings, but as a music lover, it's lovely to have on wax. Its undulating soup showcases exactly how much sound design has gone into the release.
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      A1 The Different Perception Of Silence B1 The Different Perception Of Silence (Smear Remix) B2 The Different Perception Of Silence (Drone Edit)