Session Victim / Quarion - Treats Vol. 2

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  • Session Victim sure seem like a couple of meanies. Not only do Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling's latest two tracks come via the vinyl-only Retreat imprint, but the pick of the litter ("Midnight Hour (I Feel It Fade)") slows down naturally, immediately making it nigh-on unmixable for 99% of their DJ audience. Before this unforgivable moment, they're quite the dashing pair, chopping up guitars and vocals like Akufen gone to Scandinavia ("Danish Daughters") or Alabama ("Midnight Hour (I Feel It Fade)"), coming correct with a duo of tightly arranged post-disco disco bits that should also go over a treat with the skilled pop-orientated house jocks in the audience. Flip it over, though, and you come to the goods. Quarion's "Pepper Candy" starts out with a menacing bubble ala Levon Vincent, but then turns on the lights and lifts the shades. Its gorgeous theme is pure Norwegian disco candy, but the rest is something else altogether. Fusing his love of dubbier climes into this track provides a necessary tension that gets relieved in such a way that you want to hug someone when it happens. Unlike Session Victim's surprise, it's one worth getting excited over whether you're an amateur DJ or not.
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      A1 Danish Daughters A2 Midnight Hour (I Feel It Fade) B1 Pepper Candy