Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap - Joint Custody EP

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  • "Wolf and Lamb is a religion, Double Standard is a cult," so says Mr. Mizrahi, one-half of Wolf and Lamb, introducing his new vinyl-only imprint. How is a vinyl-only label like a cult? Well, the inaccessibility of a cultic object preserves its aura, the glow which makes it appear strange and enchanted once you find it. The digital world doesn't know anything about the cultic, it only knows instant, universal accessibility. If you want to start a music cult these days, keeping your offerings away from greedy digital hands will be key for their preservation, allowing them to circulate only among the devotees and acolytes. Double Standard's first cult offering is Joint Custody, a triangular tango between Gadi and W+L pals Soul Clap which expands their unique deep house take by straddling an early Detroit production palette and a love for playfully sensual, R&B-tinged vocal bursts, resulting in a stylistically consistent slice of downtempo sexy-time grooves. Smoky, red-lipsticked and mysterious, the opener "So Addicted to You" reflects Gadi's talent for deeply bugging out while staying catchy at the same time, twisting and morphing vocal lines like "I love the smell of you" over minor synths and 808 bounce. It's ketamine pop, mangled but oddly accessible. "Yer Body (Kills Me)" follows suit, operating on a more intense Detroit tip with wobbly bass and 808 plonk that unfolds the kind of undulating dubbed-out vocals that Soul Clap have long applied to their edits. The EP's back-half deals heavily enough in '80s funk that it sounds like instrumental versions of Prince side projects. Fans of Morris Day & The Time or Vanity 6 will find a lot to work with here. "Funk Sex" and "Romantic Comedy" have an abundance of retro swagger, claps and plinks. "Funk Sex" is on a weird, murky Cybotron tip, soundtracking some pink and purple back room, the kind with a recessed door, while "Romantic Comedy" stays bouncy with bright chords, completing the EP's air of sly, erotic mischievery.
  • Tracklist
      A1 So Addicted to You A2 Yer Body (Kills Me) B1 Funk Sex B2 Romantic Comedy