Marco Shuttle - The Horror

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  • "The Horror (Redux Edit)," as its title might suggest, contains a mighty long sample of Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Marc Houle would be proud. Shit is creepy. Kurtz is pitched low, the techno around it is suitably tweaked enough to inspire a shiver or two. Isolation here, though, is induced by the most normal of instruments: The lowly trumpet. Marco Shuttle places a few of them inside "The Horror," each one sounding like a plane struggling to hold its altitude in the face of inclement weather and quickly losing the battle. "Folha Seca" is no less unsettling, but it's quite a bit bouncier nonetheless. Shuttle once again finds himself utilizing what sound like acoustic sample sources, but leaves them (again) to wither away. Ever-present in its second half is a tangled horn sample, which putters away like hornet's in front of a busy nest entrance. It's the main event here for the most part, and at times it's more than enough. But at nearly 12 minutes long—the same as the A-side—it starts to drag by track's end. Treat it as a tool, and you'll be fine. Find a way to make it the highlight of your DJ set, and you'll either be the most boring DJ alive or some sort of idiot savant.
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      A1 The Horror (Redux Edit) B1 Folha Seca