Davide Squillace - Tutti Frutti

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  • Tutti Frutti is a clear lesson in why artists start their own labels. Davide Squillace's newest 12-inch only nominally sounds like the perception that his name garners among house and techno fans. It's tech house, kinda. Minimal, a bit. There's probably even a case to be made for techno too. But, most of all, Tutti Frutti is deliriously strange, a leap away from the relatively straight rolling tech that he has come to be known for. The title track, for instance, has polyrhythmic clapping underpinning the beat, giving the tune an organic feel before microsound processing places you directly into the present day. It's a bit of a jungle inside "Tutti Frutti," but Squillace keeps his eyes on the dance floor at all times, losing sight of neither the forest nor the trees. "Old Dusty Pictures" might be even better, opening things up a bit to make room for a what sounds like a shimmering flute melody. Warm-up fodder, no doubt, but remarkably idiosyncratic stuff at the same time. Digital exclusive, "Crocodile Tears," is a skip to these ears, but it'll likely have more dance floor utility than the other two combined. That's because it sees Squillace return to the safety of the immaculately produced/incredibly polite. In other words, it likely would have found a nice place on a different label. I hesitate to offer advice of this sort to anyone, but perhaps further indulgences on Hideout will be prove to be a very good thing.
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      A Tutti Fruitti B Old Dusty Pictures Digital: Crocodile Tears