KiNK / Tom Demac - Bitter Sweet / Draw Me In

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  • The wide-ranging A&R eye of liebe*detail is in full effect on their newest release, pulling together Bulgarian surrealist house producer KiNK and the Welsh web-development-team-manager-by-day-house-producer-by-night Tom Demac. The duo seemingly have nothing in common on paper, but both tracks feature twisted vocal samples as major plot points. KiNK positions chiming bells around his chopped voice. Other bells provide a strange counterpoint, reminiscent of Four Tet in their ability to simultaneously entrance and unsettle. KiNK's aims, at the end of the day, are for the floor, though, and "Bitter Sweet" moves towards its climax with dogged purpose. (Even if it takes longer than a modern dance floor likely has the patience for to get there.) Demac's "Draw Me In" has no such problems, pounding a deep beat throughout almost all of its eight minute length. Resolutely straightahead, its fascination lies in the way that Demac plays with the bass and vocal in relation to one another. One pushes, the other pulls. It's the type of tune that does massive damage on a dance floor but never quite gets the recognition it deserves. With the boost that it gains by virtue of being on liebe*detail, expect to hear Demac's a little more often in the coming months.
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      A KiNK - Bitter Sweet B Tom Demac - Draw Me In