Maayan Nidam - Don't Know Why

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  • Maayan Nidam. Perlon. It's an artist-label combination that seems like buy-on-sight material. Often known as Miss Fitz, Maayan Nidam's style is trim, sexy and deep, but also a bit twisted and drugged out—in other words, exceptionally compatible with Perlon's signature sound. But somehow, this particular pairing of artist and label almost feels like too close of a match; Don't Know Why doesn't reveal anything new about either party. That said, Nidam's prodding rhythms and tinge of surrealism make this 12-inch a very funky and effective dance record that certainly doesn't disappoint. Both tracks have fairly similar arrangements, consisting mostly of dry percussion, warped vocal hooks and jagged, bass-heavy rhythms. The title track stumbles along with a rigid, lumbering gait, while woozy vocals slur and moan and major piano chords provide warm splashes of color. "Feels Like" is a bit more of a ketamine jam—less melodic, more trippy and drab. The A-side's vocal part is reprised, joined by panning warbles, tambourines and a floppy electric bass, recorded so clearly you can hear the action buzz. This is the EP's stronger track (by a hair), but it needs a decent sound system to really prove itself—otherwise it might just sound like basic, clumpy minimal. As with the record in general, it's neither Nidam's nor Perlon's most memorable effort, but it's still weird and punchy enough for the discerning DJ's crate.
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      A Don't Konw Why B Feels Like