Sync 24 - We Rock Non-Stop

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  • Electro. Utter the word and, chances are, your average punter will be thinking of SMD, Justice, Ed Banger and that jazz. But, for those of a more Drexciyan predilection, things aren't quite so DayGlo. The two schools—one "nu," the other "old"—couldn't really be further apart, and if ever an EP were to prove why, it's Sync 24's We Rock Non-Stop: There's not a stodgy kick, glossy synth or grating riff in sight. Rather, we're treated to four deep, pounding technoid rollers that, pumped out at high volume, will please even the most ardent of Motor City renegades. The title track is the best, pitching trippy pads and egg-pricking hats against soulful wads of junglist bass, while A-side roommate "Solvent Abuse" opts for a manic, Hacker-esque line of attack, careering along like Aux 88 on a suicidal sniffing binge. Flipsiders "Chosen Module" and "Mario's Mushroom" maintain the heat, adding lashings of deep-space bleeps and epileptic SNES-bytes, and by the time the whole thing's played out, it's hard not to feel hooked. Just don't expect Erol Alkan to be charting it.
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      A1 We Rock Non-Stop A2 Solvent Abuse B1 Chosen Module B2 Mario's Mushroom