DVS1 - Flight To No Where EP

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  • After a sterling debut on Klockworks, Minneapolis' own DVS1 returns with his second release, this time on local imprint Timefog. DVS1's work has thus far been of the raw techno variety, and Flight to No Where is no exception, yielding four original tracks of controlled violence. DV starts with two versions of "Arrival," one containing a break, one getting rid of it. The tune is anchored by a three note bassline that does nothing but repeat itself over and over and over again until you can't help but hum along under your breath. Over top, DV throws some cloud-bearing synths and a rapid-fire beat with plenty of clicking and clacking going against the four-to-the-floor kick. It's a simple formula, but DV's command of the arrangement wins the day, the constant shuffling of each element keeps you guessing as to where the next splatter of bass, snare or blood is coming from. Where "Arrival"'s bassline went downward, it only follows that the synth that gets treated on "Departure" moves toward the sky. DV's secret here is tension-building. Even when he brings things down, he never loses the perception of an upward trajectory. As a result, it's hard not to get swept away into the unfolding drama. Will we ever reach the top? Do we want to reach the top? We never do, but the journey is well worth the frightening climb. Elsewhere, DV turns in "Falling" and Audio Injection & Drumcell drop a remix of the same. The original is all spring-loaded mechanics, but it takes three minutes to get there. The boys go deeper, but the thrills are most definitely with DVS1's originals, where the pace is manic and the urgency is palpable.
  • Tracklist
      01. Arrival (No Break) 02. Arrival (With Break) 03. Departure 04. Falling (Original Mix) 05. Falling (Finally Falling Mix)