DJ Sprinkles - Masturjakor EP

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  • You can tell immediately why "Masturjakor"—recorded during the sessions for Midtown 120 Blues—was a favourite of Mule Musiq label boss Toshiya Kawasaki...and why it also had to be left off the album. The tune bangs (as much as a Sprinkles tune can bang) in a way that little else does on Midtown 120 Blues, a true master jackathon run through the unique Sprinkles filter. Fitted with an ear-piercing bit of melody that drops in every so often to remind you of its producer, it pumps along in an understated manner, leaving plenty of room for bird noise, a thunder storm and a choir to make their way into the mix at one point or another. Sprinkles pulls it all together, but it's hard to know how: It's a rare talent that can make a track this remarkably complex and danceable at the same time. A bonus beat and dub fill out the package before KiNK & Neville Watson do what they do best to the original, taking things back 20 years for an unabashedly old school remix. The duo's work often flits between excellent homage and unnecessary retread, and this remake falls somewhere in between: It strips the original of everything that made it enticing to home listeners, but it also makes it dance floor dynamite. You won't find much surprising about the string-laden mini-epic, but you also might be master jacking too much to care.
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      A1 Masturjakor (Master Mix) A2 Masturjakor (Bonus Beats) B1 Masturjakor (Dub) B2 Masturjakor (KiNK & Neville Watson Mix)