youANDme - Close to Me

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  • With all the praise and fanfare that the recently rediscovered world of dub techno has been given of late, it's quite surprising that those reinventing the genre are among its youngest adherents. You'd think that the pioneers would still be at the forefront, pushing themselves. But while they've seemed content with simply spinning their wheels, youANDme has appeared on the scene. And with six releases spanning a variety of labels, a litany of remixes and even a highly impressive mix CD all under their belts in 2009, the duo might finally be the kick in the ass the dub scene needs to shake it of its cloistered ineptitude. "Close to Me" bears less of a resemblance to newer dub techno stars like Deepchord or bvdub. Sitting somewhere between "Octagon" and "Quadrant Dub" in the Moritz Von Oswald timeline of techno, the title track pulls no punches with its decidedly aggressive kick and bouncing bassline. The choice atmospherics are of course all in place, but the bubbling, metallic chimes that pepper the entirety of the composition are what really allow it to move further from the center. Never one to disappoint, minimal king Robert Hood delivers a more Detroit version of the original on the flipside. Upping the BPM's, inverting the bassline and adding a tasteful plucked synth over top, Hood again delivers an interesting take on the original, reminding us why he's one of the techno community's masters of the game.
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      A Close to Me B Close to Me (Robert Hood Remix)