Legowelt - The Liechtenstein Account

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  • Working out how Danny Wolfers finds the time to produce the volume of music that he releases is in itself a tiring task, so it's anyone's guess how, on top of his output, he also manages to formulate a strong concept for each EP. The cover art for Account features an idyllic portrayal of Alpine serenity—but is all as it seems in this seemingly peaceful, tax-free fiefdom? Both "Day Sailor" and the title track disturb the bucolic bliss, their humming, bubbling basslines realised over stripped back, hissing metallic rhythms, but once the arpeggio melodies kick in on the latter, a sense of serene order is restored. Day gives way to darkness and "Nightfall" kicks in with less direct shuffling 808s, yet the epic, soaring hooks, capture Wolfers at his most melodic. Then it's back to what, for my money at least, the Dutch producer does best, namely to synergise pulsing electro bass with jacking, nasty Chicago-style rhythms. Like his Tower of the Gypsies or Mystery Organization releases, both "British Aerospace" and "Woodland" are expertly executed jack tracks with undulating basslines. Like the "no questions asked" service that the morally questionable statelet he depicts offers to the super-rich, these tracks provide the best value money can buy.
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      01. Day Sailor 02. Woodland 03. Nightfall 04. The Liechtenstein Account 05. British Aerospace