Jabberjaw - The Garden of Eden

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  • Five years ago Matthew Dear unleashed his third pseudonym, Jabberjaw, on to the minimal community, coming out swinging on the iconic Perlon imprint. The four track EP got some of the highest praise for its time and left the scene frothing at the mouth for more. Six years, several iconic productions and one more guise—False—later, and he's back, this time on Spectral Sound. Starting things off properly, "A Goat on Fire in the Garden of Eden" is a quirky bender of a track with an equally obscure melody. Falling somewhere squarely between False and Audion in sound, the long-playing A-side is as mental as it is elegant, showing that Dear is experimenting ever more with his gear in the studio. The tubular scraping of the main hook paired to the plethora of evolving percussive patterns make the entirety of this as off-kilter sonically as the imagery of the name implies. The B-side of the EP is filled with quirky goodies. "Connie Shake" is loopy and heady, with the majority of the track remaining unchanged, providing both listener and DJ the chance to sink deep down into the depths of the bizarre. The finale, "Safety Flirt," is the most Jabberjaw sounding track of the trio, easily fitting right where the debut EP on Perlon left off. A bouncing bassline and micro-sampled percussion is the driving force, but don't let the cyclical nature of the layout fool you. While some people might be disappointed to see this on a different imprint, those looking to get a second dose of Dear's abandoned stage name should snag this release on Spectral Sound to fill the void they've had for years.
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      A A Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden B1 The Connie Shake B2 Safety Flirt