Untold - Stop What You're Doing / I Can't Stop This Feeling (Remixes)

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  • As an accompanying piece to the Gonna Work Out Fine EP—the latest double pack release from North London resident Jack Dunning—the producer has put together a superbly tough remix package. The second remix 10-inch to appear on his Hemlock label, the first being from LV and Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason, it features two of his closest peers stamping their own take on two heavily talked-about cuts. The insurmountable harmonies of James Blake's take on "Stop What You're Doing"—an impossibly tough beat and bass combination that first signified Untold's grimier direction, hitting extremely hard with bass stabs on each hit of the kick drum—to astounding effect. Described by Hessle Audio co-founder Ben UFO as "the most utterly next level piece of music I've heard in years," his remix certainly doesn't pull any punches. Transforming the raw aggression of the original through his harmonising of the bass line, Blake travels up through the octaves with ascending synth squeals before it positively explodes through squalls of G funk, snatched helium-tinged vocals and snapping snares. Furiously original when it drops, it's the sound of the conventionally trained Blake having fun, pouring his attention into every aspect of the composition's melody and succeeding massively at every possible turn. Pangaea's remix of "I Can't Stop This Feeling," the original of which appeared on the flip to the Hessle Audio-released "Anaconda," focuses more on locking on to the groove rather than exploring the realms of melody. His use of the offkey hi-hat steers the piece as much as the snatched garage snare drums, but it's when he lets Untold's original ascending synth line dissipate out of the mix, replacing it with that signature Pangaea combination of rolling bass and driving drum work that the remix really excels.
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      A Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix) B I Can't Stop This Feeling (Pangaea Remix)