Lee Foss - The Edge

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  • Searching for something that little bit different and yet instantly recognisable? Lee Foss' The Edge, the third release on the impressive Culprit label, makes all the right noises in the right order, and still has surprises up its sleeve. "Charmer" is great, not merely because it makes sexual moaning sound fresh and new, but also because of the high-pitched siren and dampened bottom end that sound like a humid night in Los Angeles. "The Edge" pushes all the right disco buttons and never puts a foot wrong. Evocative and uplifting in equal measure, it's a masterclass in restraint and delicacy. "Solo" adds to the ominous ambience created by "Charmer," occupying another level with its glitchy touches and haunting backing vocals. It manages to be energetic and soporific at the same time. "Things Fall Apart" uses a crystalline synth line to invoke decay and effortlessly conjures up a world collapsing in on itself with a harmonic low end and, not for the first time on this release, a stimulating use of the disembodied voice. Deep as you like, but with funk in spades. Need I say more?
  • Tracklist
      01. Charmer 02. The Edge 03. Solo 04. Things Fall Apart