Skream - Burning Up

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  • Dubstep boy wonder Skream reminisces and references different periods in bass music history on this 12-inch on Shy FX's Digital Soundboy label, giving cred to all kinds of 'nuum theories and theorizing. On "Burning Up" Skream loads up his sampler with the amen break and a Loleatta Holloway sample, a combination that has previously been explored by a fair few jungle auteurs in years gone by. Add a pulsing but mutating bassline and you're basically there. "Burning Up" is definitely an energetic floor stormer but it feels too linear, polished and restrained to be the perfect jungle homage and is at the same time too cluttered to be an interesting dubstep take on these classic jungle elements and influences. Better is "Memories of 3rd Base," presumably a tribute to DMZ and the venue that hosted the legendary club in its early years. A spacey and bassy number, "Memories" trots along with all the characteristics that used to define dubstep. Wailing synths, reverberating snares, small hints of FX spicing up the foundation of the tune, a booming bassline. It's a more discreet, and less ravey number that nonetheless is sure to set off the dance.
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      A Burning Up B Memories of 3rd Base