Frenchie - Fait Accompli

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  • You're a new, unknown producer and want to get your music noticed amid the vast ocean of commercially available electronic music. While you could badger well-known DJs via MySpace or Facebook, the best approach is still to simply release great music. That may sound like hackneyed advice, but ironically, the ever-increasing volume of substandard material put out these days increases the probability that talented producers will get heard. To wit: Fait Accompli is Irish producer Frenchie's first release on Antigua. A light touch and uncomplicated, effective arranging, coupled with a keen understanding of—and passion for—the ethereal end of Detroit techno and house prevail on the title track, with warm chords and subtle yet crunchy percussion enveloped by spacey, trancey pads. "Hiatus" inhabits roughly the same Sistrum/Aesthetic Audio meets Landcruising-era Carl Craig terrain, but this time jazzy keys and an off-beat backing feature. Nicole Moudaber's version of "Hiatus" opts for a filtered, clubbier take, but John Daly's take on the title track is superior, with understated pulses and atmospheric melodies flowing through the arrangement. Frenchie's debut proves that if you look after the music, there's a strong chance that everything else will fall into place.
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      A1 Fait Accompli A2 Fait Accompli (John Daly Remix) B1 Hiatus B2 Hiatus (Nicole Moudaber Remix)