Gregorythme - Futurama EP

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  • Gregorythme's bio claims he is not a tool-maker. The producer's Futurama EP seems to provide ample evidence for this claim, despite what you might think of his ultra-tracky work as one-half of Digitaline. Gregory Poncet, as his parents call him, provides concrete compositions here: "Futurama" has a remarkably clean lead melody that would sound tired if it didn't bounce with so much warmth. Full of optimism, it leads neatly into "Summer," which has the same sort of Olympian feel, but gives it a hint of funk to keep it from sounding too sanitized. "Walking on Balls," meanwhile slides a creaking acoustic sample of what might be a rocking chair grinding into the floor—or someone walking on balls—as Tigerlily sings a haltingly beautiful tune. Each track here is defined by two things: cleanliness—balls aside—and their song structure. Gregorythme's downtempo house here is built for the warm-up or the come-down. Unconcerned with fitting in with anything other than itself, it's remarkably reminiscent of "a 1970's idea of the soundtrack to the future," as Lee Jones put it in his DJ feedback. Barem and Kabale und Liebe & Julien Chaptal arrive for remix duty, taking "Summer" into their own hands. Barem only slightly refits the tune, making it a tad darker and focusing things squarely on a descending synth line, while the Amsterdam duo find the club bounce hidden in the original. Both are nice enough, but this EP is clearly all about Gregorythme, and he steals the show.
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      A Futurama AA Walking on Balls feat. Tigerlilly B Summer BB Summer (Kabale & Chaptal Rmx) Digital Summer (Barem Rmx)
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