Various Artists - Panorama Bar 02 Part I & II

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  • Some mix CDs make your mouth water just looking at the tracklisting. Tama Sumo's Panorama 02 is assuredly one of them. She has seemingly collected every single exciting producer or label in deep house and techno on her forthcoming effort for Ostgut Ton. Among the highlights, Sumo had the good fortune to collect some exclusive cuts along the way. On the first batch, Lerosa's "Plesso" is the haunting highlight, a track who sets forth its case ably and then puts an anonymous sighing vocal into play late in the game to devastating effect. Basic Soul Unit's "Things Pass" is a solid cut, riding a raw cymbal and a hypnotic riff that rides away throughout its nine minutes. On the forthcoming Part II, it's Levon Vincent's B-side burner that stands out. It's not coincidentally also the peak of Sumo's mix. Per usual, Vincent sets out a bumping rhythm only to force in a shuddering riff that is both unexpected and fantastic. Earning all of its ten minutes, "Late Night Jam" is just that—a track you pick out of your box on special occasions. Steffi holds the A-side down most softly in a style that is reminiscent of Basic Soul Unit's effort. Casual house is the genre tag I'd give it if forced to do so—it's a remarkably easy track that doesn't even hint at what's to come on the flip.
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      A Basic Soul Unit - Things Pass B Lerosa - Plesso A Steffi - 24 Hours B Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam