Roger 23 - Room with a View Pt. 1

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  • There's no denying that one of the most recognizable names in electronic music is Swayzak. But few are aware of just how far the name reaches. Not only does it point to the well-known duo responsible for classics like "Blufarm" and "Burma Heights," but it also encompasses three labels: Swayzak, 240 Volts and Volt Musik. Roger23 has made his home almost exclusively on their trio of imprints, putting out a slow trickle records that exemplify Swayzak's interest in quality over quantity. Here, the producer branches out for the debut release on Baud, a 12-inch that once again proves the durability of his commitment to elegance. "Conversation" begins the EP perfectly, remarkably distinct in its sound and production. The warmth of the track is simply breathtaking—lush analogue synth bubbles percolate over top of the driving beat and percussion. Its power contrasts with the calming waves of atmospheric bliss, and is reminiscent of Mike Huckaby's SYNTH imprint in form and function. The flip side's title track gurgles to life slowly, patiently unfolding. Both hypnotic and dark, it eventually powers itself forward with audible comparisons to stateside techno masters like DJ Slip, Silent Servant and fellow 240 Volts compatriot Konrad Black. Finishing off the side is the appropriately titled "Ambient 1," which is nothing more than fantastic washes of sound, a decidedly simple way to end an otherwise brilliant set of tracks.
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      A1 Conversation B1 Room With a View Pt. 1 B2 Ambient 1