John Roberts - Blame

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  • Patience is a virtue. With production techniques becoming simpler and more accessible every day, taking the time to make sure things are done right can make or break a release. John Roberts knows that quality can't be rushed, and the young producer has proved that there's worth in the gentle finessing of sounds and composition. After two highly successful and widely acclaimed EP's for Dial, Roberts has once again crafted an equally beautiful two-tracker for recently created sublabel, Laid. Title track "Blame" is a true deep house aficionados' dream—its warm organ stabs topped off by a deep and driving bassline marry well with the subtle intricacies of the percussion, such as the muted finger snaps and the relaxing shaker backdrop. Less noticeable, but adding to the song's subconscious, sparse bells and quick vocals caws give the A-side an organic and complete feel. While this side seems almost perfect, "Relate" on the flip is just as beautiful. The slow Rhodes and deep kick begin the track perfectly, but it's the staccato delivery of the chopped-up vocal sample that makes this track explode. First time listeners might be turned off by its seemingly inappropriate placement, but when you let your mind float into the warmth of the entire production, its initial awkwardness grows on you. And with its driving bassline and fantastic percussion work, you once again have two masterfully crafted tracks from one of house music's newest prodigies.
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      A Blame B Relate