Onur Özer - Kasmir Remixes #2

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  • Nearly two years after its release, Vakant continues to issue remixes from Onur Özer's debut album for the imprint. When the ones doing the remixing are Isolée and Baby Ford, though, there's hardly reason to complain. Both work very slowly at each and every thing that comes out their door, meticulously crafting masterpieces of sound production. Sometimes that gets in the way of musical enjoyment. Most notably in Isolée's less-than-warmly received 12-inch for Diynamic earlier this year. (Which RA incidentally liked.) But unlike that release, his take on Özer's "Innervoice" suffers from no lack of discernible groove. Instead, the issue here is that's all there seems to be. Isolée drafts out the main hook and rides it until it breaks, tweaking it ad infinitum and offering new elements every so often to liven things up. It's a curiously restrained bit of material from the producer, and one that doesn't quite hit as a result. That same sort of minimalism is present in Baby Ford's remix of "Aida," but its spooky vocal atmospheres and endlessly chattering percussion cohere to produce something that is more effectively hypnotic. It's full of the sonic detail that Isolée provides, but the hook is smoothed out into a lengthy drone, letting the complexity breath. Rather than forcing things to happen, Ford simply trusts in his loops to deliver the goods. Luckily, they very much do.
  • Tracklist
      A Innervoice (Isolée Remix) B Aida (Baby Ford Remix)