Hyetal - Pixel Rainbow Sequence

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  • After a lengthy gestation period, it's taken a re-firing of ThinKing's Reduction Records imprint—which was according to the man himself "forced into hiatus after only one release"—to finally bring the bubbly brilliance of Bristol producer Hyetal's "Pixel Rainbow Sequence" to wax. It might seem hard not to lump the synthesized style of Hyetal in with the "purple trinity" sound, but from the opening melee of swirling distortion and glitched synth loops it's evident Hyetal's got his own approach to production, fusing foreign textures and found sounds with zipping percussion. It's when the crippled pianos pang into life and the drawn-out snare reverberates and breathes on until the end of the bar that you know you got something special in your hands. "Pixel Rainbow Sequence" is an anthemic slice of Bristol that leans on the progeny of the city's peers to overwhelming effect. Its main riff is truly memorable and oh-so-devastating when thrown in as a curve ball into a teched-out mix. On the other side, meanwhile, is a reworking by fellow Bristolian Peverelist. Flipping the catchiness and style of the original on its head while still keeping with his rolling, minimal tendencies, Pev doesn't touch Hyetal's main melody, concentrating on the arpeggiating synth line that ran as a backup in the original. He seasons this snatched hook with layers of effervescing bass and constant, punishing percussion before unleashing a torrent of off-kilter melodics that will either make or break your listening experience.
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      A Pixel Rainbow Sequence B Pixel Rainbow Sequence (Peverelist Remix)