Hot Natured - Hot Natured Edits

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  • Sure, there's straight-up innovation and artistry at work at Wolf + Lamb, as evidenced by recent releases from Nicholas Jaar and Seth Troxler. But what to make of Jamie Jones and Hot Natured cohort Lee Foss releasing…yetanotherMGMTremix? Maybe credit goes to the Brooklyn duo for unleashing "Electric Feel," a virulent strain of psychepop that appears immune to time. Now, over a year after the release of "Electric Feel" as a single, Jones' "Electric Jones" is the obvious club-banger, with a funk bass line laying the foundation for echoed "ooh girl" repetitions that take their time building into most of the chorus over the length of near eight minutes of DJ-friendly fun. For the extra smile, a touch of bongos keep it light, but not to worry, Jones' trademarked wonkiness appears past the halfway point to keep it all delightfully crooked. Foss' "Leectric Feel" is a subtler affair, removing some of the bass, but keeping the bongos and working in more of the original melody and vocals—albeit chopped and echoed into oblivion. A near minute-long vocal and handclap break eventually deconstructs the song to its core, with the balance bouncing from left-to-right and providing a great exercise in abstract danceability. The third track, meanwhile, shows the Hot Natured duo can also keep it cool, with "Modern Amusement," a disco boogie edit of an early '80s R&B obscurity turned into an early evening—or morning—feel good tonic, perhaps to soothe a frayed dance floor soul after hours of subversive techno.
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      A Electric Jones B1 Leectric Feel B2 Modern Amusement