Pangaea - Memories

  • Published
    Jul 17, 2009
  • Label
    White label
  • Released
    July 2009
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  • Kevin McAuley produced quite possibly one of the most anthemic dubstep tracks of last year with "Router," a tune that combined whispy vocal-soaked, ocean deep atmospherics and vibrant garage drums. After a turn for the Hotflush label with the grinding "Bear Witness" and its flip, "Mosaix," his latest White label release "Memories" traverses the same path as "Router," fusing elegant female vocals with shady layers of sweeping, cleverly EQed bass frequencies before the rolling bass line and pure 2-step rhythm punches out its drum pattern. By cleverly slipping a duo of notes in amongst melee, he creates the tiniest of hooks, one that sounds every four bars in a slightly different manner, keeping the ears tuned into the song's evolution without taking the focus away from the drive and passion of the superbly reverbed vocal. It's undoubtedly these little touches combined with the way he manipulates his delay that makes his work both so gloriously infectious and constantly listenable.
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      A Memories