Dinky - Lydian EP

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  • If 2008 was the year of Vakant for Dinky, 2009 looks to be the year of Wagon Repair. As she did for Vakant, the DJ/producer is set to release a 12-inch and full-length, showcasing the work that she's gotten up to since we heard her last. As might be expected, her sound hasn't changed much—one gets the sense that her switch over to Wagon Repair was simply down to Vakant wanting to focus their attention on Mathias Kaden's full-length. "Wind" has the same sort of open-ending minimal sound that typified May Be Later. It's full of enough stops, starts and sonic messiness to get lost in for days, while firmly maintaining its forward momentum via a heavy bassline and slow and steady kick drum. This momentum is key, because after it's followed up by the inconsequential two-minute sound experiment "Outro," "Wet Hair" and "Butterfly" plough the same ground, but fail to deliver in the same way as "Wind." Despite feeling just as unbridled in their execution and sound design, you got the sense that in "Wind" that you were moving toward a logical conclusion. With "Wet Hair" and "Butterfly," it's closer to an uncomfortable stasis where the rhythm is laid out, and then strange sounds are plopped into the mix with little rhyme or reason. Instead of leading us into a forest of strange and wondrous sounds and then gently guiding us out the other side, Dinky leaves us stranded without a map to find our way out, and ends up with a resolutely average pair of tracks as a result.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Wind A2 Outro B1 Wet Hair B2 Butterfly