John Talabot - Sunshine

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  • Mysterious Barcelona producer John Talabot (not his real name) may blow his cover with his latest release for local label Hivern Disc. Spain's indispensible street press, GO Mag, have already called it the best Spanish single of the year. But not even the current difficulty of getting the vinyl outside of Spain should hamper broader success, thanks to easy digital access. Talabot's original is undoubtedly the heliocentre of proceedings. The three remixes seem to spin around it gleefully, sharing and reflecting its uplifting aura, even while diverging from its unique sound. "Sunshine"'s so-called space disco style effortlessly fuses a pantheon of influences. You can find house, Spiritualized, Krautrock, disco, the phase patterns of Seefeel or something entirely new every time you listen. It begins as a deep motorik shuffle that gradually picks up speed, adding new sounds with every odd bar like a group of fellow travellers forming on a long road. A house beat drops in, then shakers, guitars, chants, a break down and then more percussion. Meanwhile, the repetitive, mantric ecstasy keeps rising and rising. It is overwhelmingly bright, like the perfect beginning or end to a set. The remixes all offer something different without losing this joyful spirit. Affkt's mix keeps closest to the original, freeing up the more modular propulsion and pushing the tribal chanting to the fore. The effect lightens the load by simplifying the intensity. Luke Abbott's more purely electronic rendition is intoxicating and helical, wedded tightly to the myriad mirages that open up between the overlapping patterns. Ilya Santana's closer, meanwhile, is more retro sounding, but still beguiling. It's totally progressive in a rock sense, sounding almost like a full band, despite being etched purely from electronic sounds and samples. Pure summer magic.
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      01. Sunshine (Original Mix) 02. Sunshine (Luke Abbott Remix) 03. Sunshine (Affkt Remix) 04. Sunshine (Ilya Santana Conceptual Version)