Guy J - Lamur

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  • As far as "let's have it big" tunes come, they don't come much bigger then "Lamur" at the moment in the current progressive climate. Guy J follows the tried-and-true theory that if you have a decent melody, then all else should follow. His well articulated production builds around the theme and peaks midway in. Much like 2007's "Save Me," the focus lies with the warmth of the melodies, a constant theme with Guy's output. On the flip, Henry Saiz takes the original and injects it with a lashing of hormones. The result is a beast of a remix that punches through the speakers with more oomph than the original, relying on my own tried-and-true theory that ain't broke then give it some balls by supercharging the low end a bit here, and tweaking the melody there. A job well done by Henry Saiz.
  • Tracklist
      A Lamur (Original Mix) B Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix)