Chemical Brothers – Come With Us (H-Foundation Mix)

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  • A little old this one, but hey it’s being re-issued in the US on an EP containing some previous unreleased tracks and remixes. H-Foundation got me into all this in the beginning and I’ve tracked the evolution of what I knew then as the ‘west coast’ sound ever since. Two years on, and I’m happy to report the dub influences are still as evident as ever… The first thing that strikes you is the fact it sounds like a sparse ‘four to the floor’ breaks track and then… woomph… The sub heavy b-line kicks in… Work in a dash of vocal snippets and slight synth hits and you have what you come to expect from Halo & Hipp-e - a track built with the intent of causing maximum damage on the ‘floor. (Many thanks to Matt Langler @ Cakemedia who’s help made this review possible!)