Djuma Soundsystem - Bipolar

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  • Over the course of its last few releases, Rebirth has skirted the very dangerous line between cheese and underground, putting out records that have just enough grit to leaven the very epic chord progressions on offer. Djuma Soundsystem's "Bipolar" is no exception, its thick droning pads just begging to soundtrack hands swaying in the air. Djuma are unashamed in their pander, and more power to them: It's hard not to want to raise them at least once for the original mix here, which is tech house that aims for grandeur. The problem with it—and Nomad in the Dark's remix of the same—is that aforementioned lack of edge. James Teej's mix of "Suite Disappointment" earlier this year had it, and dOP's take on "Bipolar" also has it in spades as well. The French trio, who seemingly haven't turned down a remixing opportunity in the past six months, add their own vocals, turn up the voices heard in the original and transform what was once a simple tech house tune into something far more interesting. The chord progression now has an intensity missing from the original, building towards sunrise synths that echo the repeated "good morning" only for a moment before disappearing into the day. Bleary-eyed and unexpected, it's another reminder of this group's obvious production prowess.
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      A1 Djuma Soundsystem - Bipolar A2 Djuma Soundsystem - Bipolar (Nomad in the Dark remix) B1 Djuma Soundsystem - Bipolar (dOP Morning Remix) B2 Djuma Soundsystem - Bipolar (dOP Morning Reprise)