Dario Zenker - Would Be Nice EP

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  • The best tracks on Vakant are the ones that are overstuffed, yet still retain an ability to tell a story. Nearly everything on Vakant is overstuffed—that's never the trouble. Each artist seems to save their densest compositions for the imprint, filling the sonic field to the brim in an effort to overwhelm. But when Özer, Fidan, Kaden, et al. find a way to fit in a melody among the madness? Bliss. That's the word I keep coming back to on the B-side, "While Rain Gets Air," for Dario Zenker's latest effort for the imprint. It's got the usual tribal minimal stomp, but adds in expectant orchestral samples both droning and quick-hitting. Those same strings are present in flipside monster "Would Be Nice," but they're overlaid with shimmering tremors and what sound like an honest-to-God triangle hit. Both tracks—and "Blue Champa" for that matter—work their magic with stunning little melodies, but they also have a strange groove as well. The rigid bump of most Vakant releases is leavened here with basslines that quiver and shake quickly, adding some pump to the steady, pummeling regularity of the kick drum. Minimal. With a hint of funk.
  • Tracklist
      A Would Be Nice B1 Blue Champa B2 While Rain Gets Air