Boozoo Bajou - Same Sun

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  • Even though they might not term it as such, Boozoo Bajou's music is Balearic—a dreamy concoction of Island ease and acoustic bliss. "Same Sun" was one of the highlights on the group's latest full-length, due in no small part to Sarah Joyce's vocal turn, but it gets an even better reworking here on this remix package by one of the modern day masters of the genre. That man, of course, is the Norwegian nu disco fiend Prins Thomas, who drops a chugging beat underneath Joyce's words while luxuriating in cymbal washes, a chunky bass and just enough synth twinkle to call it cosmic by its end. Rio's DJ Edgar comes up next and plops Joyce over top of a Baile funk backing track. Unlikely on paper—and at times on record—Joyce's line about "two curious hearts" being "a thousand miles apart" sounds particularly apt here. And Edgar's pairing of the original's dreamy organ riffs against baile funk's clipped rhythms is especially beautiful. Quantec, on the other hand, drops Joyce almost out of the equation altogether—only using traces of her vocal in his two dubby versions of the tune. There's more open space on his remake, but it also seems a bit more hurried than it should be. The original's strength was its breezy atmosphere, which is what is captured on his Offbeat mix, a languid dub techno roller that you've heard at least 158 times before. Rarely is it this satisfying, though.
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      01. Same Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) 02. Same Sun (DJ Edgar remix) 03. Same Sun (Prins Thomas karaoke version) 04. Same Sun (Quantec remake) 05. Same Sun (Quantec Offbeat mix - exclusive bonus track)