André Lodemann Feat. Nathalie Claude - Searchin'

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  • It might just be me and Quarion, but I can't help but feel like what's been largely missing from the deep house revival is what made the original deep house so great in the first place: Vocals. Chopped up samples and someone chattering away about how deep they are? Sure. Glorious diva turns? Not a chance. That's why I couldn't help but love Motorcitysoul's vocal tracks from last year's Technique and have been so enamored of André Lodemann's debut 12-inch for his new Best Works imprint. Deep house may be a different type of body music than the minimal it's (supposedly) reacting against, but this type of deepness is altogether different from what the Oslo/Cécille axis is offering up as well. It's rare that dance music actually makes a white boy like me feel sexy, but…well…here I am. Feeling sexy. (Sorry.) Nathalie Claude is mostly to blame for this, as her lyrics are augmented by a healthy dose of humming along with the melody for "Searchin'." And with a low-down bass that actually moves and some tasteful orchestration prodding the broken beat along, it's hard not to get swept up. Hell, even Charles Webster gets caught up. He puts a little bit more bounce in the original's step, and moves things along in a more linear manner. But what he loses in swank, he makes up for in squelchy bass. Pick a side on this one, you can't lose.
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      A1 Searchin' (Original) A2 Searchin' (Instrumental) B1 Searchin' (Charles Webster Mix) B2 Searchin' (Charles Webster Dub Mix)