John Roberts - Bodywork

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  • Like the tracks on John Roberts' debut EP Hesitate, "Bodywork" is a stunning hybrid of live instruments and digital techniques. It begins with a cut-up drum sample replete with warm vinyl crackle, which points towards Roberts' strong affinity for the murky sampledelia of Mo'Wax and Ninja Tune-era trip-hop. In fact, at its core, "Bodywork" is basically a DJ Shadow album cut, with the nimble funk break tweaked into a slow-mo house stomp. The parallel goes further when you poke your head behind the beats into the track's hypnotically noir atmosphere: The highly cinematic ambience composed of Morricone vibes, triangle twinkle and bouncing rack-toms show Roberts continuing his efforts to jack into the soundscapes of abstract downtempo. But, unfortunately, that's all we get. The track has been released on a one-sided piece of vinyl for John Daly's Feel Music imprint. Luckily, it's a track so compelling in its drift that it's a good candidate for all-day repeat—with its steadily shifting textures and elegantly organic flow, you can easily forget you've had it on for hours. Thus it functions perfectly well either as sonic wallpaper for cubicles and computer speakers, or as the scene of some deep stereo-headphone immersion. It's full of dark delights and sylvan production, executed with both creativity and style.
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      A Bodywork