Martinez - Le Cirkus

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  • Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. Martinez has decided the real party is at the circus, or... Le Cirkus. Here is a percussive fest of tribal boing toms, shakers and vocal howling building a busy polyrhythmic dance-off, simulating a colourful domed cave filled with clumsy parading clowns, gyrating gymnasts, acrobatics and all kinds of stunts and tricks. Its tribal-funk and vocal murmuring acting as an offbeat Villalobos-type hook creates a devastating impact much as it did on his previous primal floor-killer "Momomowha." And, in its eleven building and shape-shifting minutes, "Le Cirkus" is the sort of marathon of fun and hi-jinx that we have come to expect from the man from Denmark lately. B-side "Mundial" is a downbeat, warm-up piece for a deep tech-house session that relies on a single synth stab to sustain the low-pitched bassy grooves. It clarifies Martinez's disinterest with obvious melody, and his love of percussive timbres and hypnotic phrases looped into other phrases to form a single song. A mini-mix within a mix.
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      A Le Cirkus B Mundial