Dplay - Huub Sand

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  • It's hard to understand—even for a football fan—what "Huub Sand" has to do with Huub Stevens, former coach of 1997 UEFA Cup winners Schalke 04, but we'll go with it anyway. It's not worth questioning what inspired such sublime deep house. Instead, it's best just to sit back in wonderment at the dubby chords that underline the forward chugging momentum of the tune, slowly but surely unfolding ever so gracefully over eight minutes. We've come to expect as much from Dplay—sans his partner-in-crime Manuel Tur here in the title, but not in the production credits, whatever that means. Luckily, he also comes to play on the B-side as well with "Tschaka," a dubbed-up Motor City Drum Ensemble track that drones along in its latter half like a drunken elephant, and "Schroulé," which has some congas to go along with its bass lick. Both are the sort of tools that Running Back has come to be known for, and both are solid upbeat counterparts to the moodiness of "Huub Sand." Another solid release from Running Back.
  • Tracklist
      A Huub Sand B1 Tschaka B2 Schroulé