Boola - Keep It Dirty EP

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  • Urban Dictionary defines Boola as "the sound you make when somebody discovers you in the janitor's closet." Which makes about as much sense as Bogdan Barea's house productions sometimes. Sure, they're straightforward on first glance, just like that definition. But once you look a little deeper, things get a bit weird. On Barea's newest for the Lomidhigh Organic imprint, the strangeness continues with "Thirstduub," a collaboration with fellow Romanian Demos. The track crackles along with a chunky house beat, but it's assaulted on all sides along its 11-minute length by distorted congas, slivers of melody and a tinny theme that first its way through the murk. It takes nearly eight minutes for things to sound anything other than slightly random in their execution. Boola goes solo on the B with the gypsy stomp of "Blitschki OO." Unlike floor-fillers like "Trompeta" or "Heater," though, this doesn't have the sort of hook to excite the big room. Instead, it's DJ tool fodder, locking tuba and trumpet blasts into step, ready for someone to drop the main event over top. "Garop," on the other hand, is similar in tone to Barea's recent Astroceva EP: Unrelenting house music that's almost techno in its forceful forward momentum, all held together by the sped-up ghost of a funky Chic guitar.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Boola and Demos - Thirstduub B1 Boola - Blitschki OO B2 Boola - Garop