Orlando Voorn - Balanced: Troubleshooter

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  • Dutch techno troublemaker Orlando Voorn is the type of old hand that today's young techno turks are looking to for inspiration, so it's little surprise that the sound on Voorn's newest has been stealthily returning over the past year or so. Whether it's courtesy of the achingly hip Marcel Dettmann and cohorts such as Marcel Fengler and Peter van Hoesen, or those that never ever went away, like Jeff Mills, Surgeon and Neil Landstrumm, the more aggressive template has always been a very necessary part of the genre's makeup. "Balanced: Troubleshooter" is proper tribal business, open-ended and layered. The first mix is the industrial sound of multiple textures colliding with each other with no great method to the madness—a primal urge on heat. Voorn smoothes things out a little for the second mix, but the change isn't all that radical. Instead, he just makes things a little less insect-like and visceral. The bassline rolls a bit more smoothly and the high-end jars pleasingly. Both cuts here are models of economy, with Voorn pushing the demented tribal envelope in the right direction with a nod to early "Purpose Maker" Mills along the way.
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      A1 Balanced: Troubleshooter (Mix 1) B1 Balanced: Troubleshooter (Mix 2)