Popnoname - Surrouned by Weather Remixes 1

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  • While Jens Uwe Beyer's newest full-length as Popnoname pulled him even further away from the dance music orthodoxy, Italic has reined him back in with this first collection of remixes taken from the album. Highlighting things is an A-side rework from Sweden's loopmeister The Field, who utilizes "Touch"'s guitars to his advantage, setting the table for ethereality to take over. The formula is the same as always, but the elements are perfect for a smooth ride far away from the chunky original. On the flip side, Tennishero remixes the same track into a spare house template, one that gives much needed space to Beyer's untrained vocal stylings. The result is similar in tone to Prosumer and Murat Tepeli's Serenity, and is yet another placid take on the original. Closing things out is Picious's rejiggering of "Storm." Already one of Surrounded by Weather's most techno moments, Picious clubs it up even further, dissolving Beyer's vocal-heavy performance into mere echoes, and surrounded him with propulsive tech house. Appropriate for some early set action if you're Kompakt- and melody-inclined, it's the most driving thing on this decidedly understated piece of vinyl.
  • Tracklist
      A Touch (The Field Remix) B1 Touch (Tennishero Remix) B2 Storm (Picious Remix)