Donato Dozzy - Time Out the Gap

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  • At first blush, the three tracks on Italian producer Donato Dozzy's Time Out at the Gap EP, his debut for the Railyard Recordings label, appear to be rather safe, linearly arranged, deep techno rollers—quality material, certainly, but nothing incredibly unique. And while it's true that the release won't exactly rewrite electronic dance music history, a closer inspection—preferably late at night, in the middle of a dance floor with a killer sound system and, perhaps, in a certain "state"—reveals a combination of veiled, subtle beauty and clubland efficiency. All three tracks adhere to that good ol' less-is-more ethos, but Donato utilizes their spare elements in a way that brings to mind Charles Webster in his more subterranean, near-subliminal house music moments, rather than the blatant look-at-me weirdness that more than a few minimal producers seem to aim for. A vaguely tribal rhythm, a chorus of ghostly sighs layered over a gentle synth wash and a seductive and almost trancey bassline is pretty much all we get from "Time Out at the Gap" for a full eight minutes, and that's all it needs to work its mesmeric magic. "Tropical One," on the other hand, should more properly be titled "Tough One"—while keeping the stripped-down mellowness of "Time Out at the Gap," it opts for heavy toms and a faint background of electrical distortion to introduce a vaguely foreboding feel. The final tune, "Edera," is the one for morning play, with its wistful three-note melody, double-thump bass drum and steadily unfolding feeling of warmth evoking the sort of chilled sunrise comedown that late-night revelry ideally leads to. (If only all such moments were as dreamy as this track...) Time Out at the Gap most likely won't change the world, but it's a collection of subtle pleasures that will probably help to bring Dozzy the attention he deserves.
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      A1 Time Out at the Gap B1 Tropical One B2 Edera