Food of the Gods - Boy from Brazil

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  • In a world of posse cuts, punched-in collabs, and the gauntlet of jet-setting schedules, agents, PR and managers, is it even possible to form a supergroup these days? And is it possible to label one that's comprised of two underground DJ gods, the son of a Pop Art master, a breakout 90's alt-rock cooer and a marginal indie-rock band's session man? Weirdly enough, Food of the Gods is that supergroup, although perhaps only in the wee cul de sac of the Whatever We Want blink-and-they're-out-of-print world. You have the legendary DJ Harvey returning to the drums from his teenage Peel Session days, Rub-n-Tug's Thom Bullock on keyboards, Eddie Ruscha Jr. on bass, White Magic hired hand Tim Koh and Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori chittering in a charming broken language not unlike Can's Damo Suzuki. Which is apropos, as "Boy from Brazil" rides on Ruscha's "Yoo Doo Right" groove. Rather than simply bulk up the macho posturing that the duo of Harvey/Bullock enacted as Map of Africa, Food of the Gods is deliciously buoyant, effortlessly sucking up both bossa nova carpet fluff and space dust in equal huffs, reaching into those rhythmic corners that the recent Antena "Camino Del Sol" remixes didn't. Unfortunately, "Poison Apple" doesn't quite strike the same balance. It features more reverberating guitar noise and a space-rock groove that remains pedestrian and never quite achieves lift-off. Rather, it simply sounds like a supergroup in their practice space, pedigrees eschewed as they work through compatibility issues like any other band.
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      A Boy From Brazil B Poison Apple