Lowtec - Workshop 06

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  • Since 2006, some of Germany's finest minimal house has been released on a boutique label called Workshop. Run by Lowtec and Even Tuell, the imprint is a modest but impressive operation—with only six releases to date, they've pressed untitled tracks by the likes of Move D, Sascha Dive, Benjamin Brunn and Kassem Mosse. Lowtec takes the helm on Workshop 06, delivering three austere slow jams that make for one of the label's best installments yet. The best track is the monolithic A-side. At 112 bpm, it drifts along for a solid two minutes with little more than elliptical diva chrips and dubby warbles. When the bass finally drops, the track locks into a pumping groove. It's a lengthy jaunt, but a lot happens over the course of its 11 minutes—at the halfway mark, the drums get a bit more syncopated and twinkling arpeggios draw up a spacey atmosphere, cooling down the aggressive march of the track's first half. Once you hear it, this one is impossible to leave out of a low-tempo set. The other two tracks achieve something entirely different—restrained, subtle grooves. The first B-side track is laidback and almost lazy sounding, with extra subdued drums and a choppy bass melody stirring up an understated groove. It has a soft, organic feel, like something from Soulphiction's Do You Overstand!? The second B-side has the same careful rhythm, and recalls some of the reverb-laden keyboards from the end of the A-side. It's the least remarkable track on the EP, but its restrained tone of suspense could make it an interesting DJ tool. The thudding A-side is what really makes this record outstanding, but all three are produced with a subtle craftsmanship that keeps them fresh for dozens of spins. Bring on Workshop 007.
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