The Dub Pistols - Y4K (Next Level Breaks)

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  • With any Y4K compilation that is released, the listener is guaranteed two things: (1) A quality CD, and (2) a lot of breaks. The Dub Pistols contribution to the series is no exception. Featuring monster bass lines, highly welcomed edits, and a few surprises here and there, the disc is one sure to impress anyone who appreciates top quality dance music – not just breaks fanatics. Beginning with an exclusive acapella, the introduction prepares the listener for a full-on assault of battle style breaks. First up is Layo and Bushwacka’s soon to be classic “Let The Good Times Roll.” Since this track has been tearing up dance floors across the globe for quite a while now, it’s nice to see the Pistols put their own touches on it. The track is re-edited to nicely compliment the introduction, and leads into the Chemical Brothers’ monstrous “Base 6.” The most impressive aspect of the mix is how The Dub Pistols manage to stay within the theme of the Y4K albums, yet also throw in a barrage of genres most break beat artists almost always fail to include. For example, there is the crossover hit “Fly With Me” by Coloursound. This track, while layered over a disco-tinged break beat, is very much a house record. Yet, here it fits in nicely, while staying within the realm of break beat music. Later in the mix, more familiar names within the Y4K catalog come up, such as Adam Freeland (here, remixing Pressure Drop’s “Warrior”) and Mint Royale. Also, it’s nice to see the legendary Afrika Bambaataa make an appearance with the Krafty Kuts remix of his excellent “Funky Heroes.” As expected, the mixing is phenomenal and the track selection is quite impressive. It’s also nice to see the Pistols add their own touch via various edits and acapellas. For example, Planet Asia’s (a member of the Dub Pistol family) performance over “Fly With Me” takes the track to the next level – Y4K style. An exclusive version of The Dub Pistol’s “Problem Is” (featuring the vocals of Terry Hall) rounds things out nicely. The Dub Pistols Y4K release essentially defines the labels motto of “Next Level Breaks.” This compilation clearly demonstrates what sets the Y4K releases apart from most other break beat discs. While it may have been unthinkable that anyone could top Freq Nasty’s impressive release a few months back, The Dub Pistols have done just that. Although it’s still up in the air whether breaks will go on to dominate the dance music world or not, Barry Ashworth and company make a rather strong argument in its favor.