Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose / Listen Here

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  • While I grouse about the impossibility of finding—much less re-importing—Whatever We Want Records's releases, it all becomes worth the hunt and hassle (and agonizing US dollar conversion rates) when something like The Laughing Light of Plenty drops in the mail slot. A collaborative project between Rub'n'Tug's Thom Bullock (who also records as Bobby Marie and Map of Africa for WWW) and Eddie Ruscha (who spent time in Medicine, Maids of Gravity and Future Pigeon). A-side "The Rose" is simply one of the most splendid tracks of the summer; whether or not anyone hears the damn thing is another story. Opening with a mélange of bells and infinitely sustained piano chords that might be out of a Pharaoh Sanders early '70s jazz effort, and adding on a guitar lick that percolates like Mr. Coffee, it only takes off from there. Once Ruscha's voice comes in talking about "electric shadow, a full moon in my bed," the song elevates somewhere between spiritual jazz, a bananas disco dance floor cut and the Alan Parsons Project. The piano stutters, the bass slides down and then the whole thing bursts forth anew with ping-ponging squelches and other sorts of analog orgasmic madness. Rather than try to replicate the intensity and perfection of the A-side, "Listen Here" instead takes a lighter tack. Which in this instance means Ween. The live bass threatens to slink into "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" with little bubbles and squeaks abounding in the mix. Ruscha's still singing about being in bed with his betrothed, but this side involves less electricity and ferocious ecstasy, more tickly feathers, buoyancy and pillow giggles. And then the whole thing bloops and hiccups into some sort of helium-inhaled goofiness, making for one of the most satisfying 12-inches of the year.
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