Sound Stream - Live Goes On

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  • Last year was a quiet one for Frank Timm's Soundhack and Sound Stream guises, but thankfully this year has seen him be relatively productive by his standards. With a Prosumer remix and a split 12-inch with MMM already under his belt, we're now being treated to his fourth full Sound Stream release. His work as Soundhack sees him take microscopic slivers of some of his favourite old records and chop them up into experimental DJ tools, whereas the Sound Stream material utilises a much more groove-based sampling approach. The title track kicks proceedings off with a simple piano stab, which is chopped and processed into a funky groove that'll get your head nodding long before the booming kick finally arrives. More adventurous DJs are sure to have a lot of fun cutting this in and out of the preceding tune and teasing the crowd to breaking point before finally dropping the full groove in. As things progress and the live disco drums are introduced, there's some clever percussive interplay with the throbbing synthetic kick that really ups the energy level of the track. Sprinkle some looped strings and heavy delay over the top…and voila! A discofied delicacy of retro futurism that will whip up a storm on dance floors for many years to come. The two tracks on the flip aren't quite as clever as "'Live' Goes On," but both are still very functional records for the disco-friendly DJs out there. Those wanting a bit of bounce will head straight for the elastic bassline and chugging groove of "Rainmaker," but if you're after a bit of tasteful fromagé for the end of the night, "Dance With Me" will be the track for you. Timm takes the chorus of Two Tons Of Fun's soulful disco classic "Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?," looping one bar of sax over a pumping house beat before slowly introducing the sultry vocal to euphoric effect. It all goes to show, sometimes less really is more.
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      A "Live" Goes On B1 Rainmaker B2 Dance With Me