Martin Buttrich - I Lost My Wallet / Again

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  • It didn't take many solo releases for Martin Buttrich to establish his name firmly on the scene. His studio skills and musicality are undeniable, showcased in numerous hits that grab your hips as well as your head. Then again, his CV was impressive beforehand, featuring behind-the-scenes collaborative efforts with names like Loco Dice and Timo Maas and producing pop for the likes of the Sugababes. Despite all of this though, his latest release on Cocoon—while expertly crafted—lacks the catchiness and the indescribable spark of some of his other work. Both "I Lost My Wallet" and "Again!" are built upon around such similar ingredients that you might think these are Buttrich's musings on losing his pocketbook twice. In a way, both tracks seem like a lighter more upbeat take on last year's "Hunter"—they're certainly more rooted in European minimalism than the Detroit-esque sounds of tracks like "Full Clip" and "Stoned Autopilot." "I Lost My Wallet" starts with a thumping beat and playful woodblock hits, around which an arpeggiated and funky synth line is woven and simple but effective bassline trots on underneath. An understated breakdown shows Buttrich's eye for detail, and when the bassline sneaks its way back into the track, you have to admire the arrangement skills. "Again!" works in the same way. Here we find a techier synth riff that plays subtle tricks throughout the track with a similar bassline. The way the two interact are from the same playbook as "I Lost My Wallet." This 12-inch is a fine release, but not Buttrich's best by a long shot. Both tracks will work on a dance floor, being based on a tried-and-tested formula, but they suffer for their similarity and despite the funky bassline and swirling synths aren't memorable enough to achieve the earworm status of Buttrich's better releases.
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      A I Lost My Wallet B Again!