Ricardo Villalobos - Vasco EP Part 2

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  • Finally completing his Vasco EP some three months after the release of Part 1, Ricardo Villalobos seems to have aimed a bit lower on the second part than on the first. Not only is there half as much music present—Part 1 was a double pack—but the lone track isn't nearly the masterful work that both "Minimoonstar" and "Electonic Water" were (to say nothing of the astounding Shackleton remix of the former). Still, a very good Villalobos track is better than what most producers can hope for on their best day. Unfortunately, we've all taken to expecting the world from him, and in that respect, this release is ultimately a bit of a disappointment. The sure-to-be-perpetually-misspelled "Amazordum" is the lone star of the show here, both in original and Baby Ford remix versions. The original mix is basically Villalobos showing us all his favorite party trick for the umpteenth time; layer upon layer of uptempo micro- and macro-percussion, some jazzy keyboards that eventually wander off of the record entirely before the whole thing morphs into a sizzling percussion workout for the last third, not even remotely resembling where we started. It's still amazing and no one else can do it the same way, but it loses its jaw-dropping thrill after so many showings. Baby Ford's version works a bed of bleeps, bubbles, pops and clicks under a long looped section of the original's keyboard ramblings for a late-night journey through the city, sans headlights. When the clipped hi-hats are deployed a few minutes in, they provide the only light for miles. When Vasco is assembled in full on the forthcoming CD version—complete with the full 30-plus minute take of "Minimoonstar" and one track not heard on either vinyl EP—the complete picture will certainly be better for having "Amazordum" as part of it; it is exactly the kind of track that adds texture and depth to a full-length effort. But as a standalone, it isn't up there with Villalobos' very finest work, though it is indeed fine work by any measurable standard.
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      A Amazordum AA Amazordum (Baby Ford Remix)