SIS - Trompeta / Clarinete

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  • Hype can be a dangerous thing, and SIS, AKA Burak Sar, has it in spades with this release. Caned by illustrious DJs like Villalobos and Luciano all summer, released on the former's boutique imprint to much fanfare, within a week of a second SIS release on Cécille: Does the hype come any larger? Unfortunately, now that the release is on the street and the evidence can be heard by all, the sad truth is that "Trompeta" doesn't live up to all that advance billing. "Trompeta" does have some things going for it, for sure. A dynamic and energetic beat/bass combo underpins it, and the breakdown in the latter third of the track is effective, but stripped of those things, what are we left with? A trumpet and vocal sample, run ragged by the three minute mark, joined by a second sample that changes places with it about halfway through the run, and then a third sample, and then a fourth. I am loath to refer to tracks as merely "DJ Tools," but that's exactly what this is, and not a terrifically interesting or inventive one at that. Comparisons abound to the "Balkan techno" sound of Villalobos' own "Fizheuer Ziheuer," but those are laughable—this doesn't show any of the vision and invention found there. Bad? No, not by half. Song of the year? No, not by half. On the flip, SIS has a go at "Clarinete," which, as you might expect from the name, uses a clarinet sample rather than a trumpet, but also ups the compositional element by roughly 200%, varying the beats and moving a few riffs around before the inevitable samples start in—screaming fans, wandering clarinets, etc. Frankly, it would have been better with just the beat. A shame, too, because there is an interesting track trying to get out in there somewhere. It just gets lost under the ridiculousness. Simply put, this is a gimmick record that doesn't show Sar's true talent (which he does, in fact, possess). Save your money and pick up Nesrib instead. Even if you really love this track in the clubs, chances are very slim that you will actually want to sit through it at home.
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      A Trompeta B Clarinete