Alex Picone - Furby Floppy EP

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  • Finally Cadenza drop the big stupid house record you've expected from them for months! With Luciano's brash and sleazy sets practically known off by heart, it's taken an eternity for his label to mirror them. But here with "Floppy/Furby," we're at last given the kind of flabby house workout the label boss seems to enjoy. Alex Picone is the man responsible. Here, he drops two tracks that are full of the swing and bump that's taken over European house and techno over the last few years. First up is "Floppy," one of those gloriously universal records that could and should be played at any house club in the world. It's like the post-minimal version of Steve Bug's remix of The Freaks' "The Creeps." "Floppy" shares the same physicality, demanding people to dance with just an instrumental chorus in the way a rock song might demand people to sing. It's built around a burbling bass riff that interlocks perfectly with ping-pong percussion, and a perfect sequence of elements that just needs to be shuffled around to work the floor. It's an incredibly effective record, though sadly the kind which increasingly leads reviewers to preempt its ubiquity by sticking a sell-by-date on it when they should just be enjoying themselves. Who knows how long it'll last or how sick of it you'll be in three months? Who cares? On the other side is "Furby," a slightly deeper cut with a tribal Ferrer and Sydenham feel to it. It suffers from being yet another "testify for the trancey deep house" record for the gamelan-laden heap, but it's still a cut above most of its rivals, a quirky detour off the increasingly thronged Jungle River Cruise route. All in all, this is a 12-inch that shows Cadenza can do big room house with the same verve that Luciano's DJ sets can. You may not want them to do it all the time, but this release feels like the label exhaling after months of holding its breath. Phew. And relax! And breathe...
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      A Floppy B Furby