Stimming - Una Pena

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  • Whilst some producers find their "sound" and continuously release only slight variations upon it, others prefer to explore what they can conjure up with their gear, constantly charting new areas. Despite releasing records under his own name for a little over a year, Martin Stimming has been responsible for a varied output that has included deep vocal house, dry minimal techno and mechanical tech house. His latest track on Diynamic, "Una Pena," finds the producer mining new territory with an understated pearl of a minimal Latin house track. Possessed of a faultless groove, layering smart claps and snare fills atop a warm, circuitous bass, Stimming leaks scraps of the melody into the track as it builds before introducing the vocal hook. Without an ounce of aggression or any sharp edges at all really, Stimming's mix is an innocuous roller for dance floor frivolity. The muted buzzing of the Spanish horns will evoke memories of a certain Gypsy-house hit that heated up the clubs and divided opinions late last year. However the comparison is borne more out of both tracks utilising an ethnic theme rather than any direct similarity. Argy well and truly takes line honours, however, with his hypnotic, twisting, jungle remix that loses the kitschy horns and lands you high up along an Incan trail, condors screeching and cattle bells ringing out in a South American echo chamber. Subtle melodies worm their way beneath the burrowing bass line, adding further to your subliminal susceptibility to the tripped-out sounds being toyed with. Some tracks summon atmosphere succinctly and Argy does so here with finesse, even coaxing the shakers to sound like black crickets chirping at night.
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      A Una Pena B Una Pena (Argy's "Nights Of The Deep Tech" Mix)